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eNETInbox offers cloud-based pay stub and document storage that is secure and accessible 24/7.

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Cloud-Based Pay Stubs and Document Storage

If you are looking to share your employee pay stub, T4 and other documents online, you can now enjoy secure cloud-based document storage via our eNETInbox program!

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Secure payment data, accessible 24/7

Empoyees can view their information in a secure environment from any web-enabled device. Upon registration, each of you employees is given a unique user name, password and account designation.

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Pay statements, T4s, and more

Employees can access their personal self-service accounts so that they can review pay stubs, payment history and to edit their personal information. All in a secure environment from any web-enabled device.

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Company-wide bulletin board

Easily share company bulletins with all employees, including memos and work notices, company-wide holiday announcements, training materials, and more - in any format you choose (PDF, audio, video, etc.)

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Easy employee administration

Administrators can easily perform common employee-related tasks such as password resets, email updates, and email notifications (to alert employees that a new document has been uploaded).

Convenient and reliable!

eNETInbox stores your employee pay stubs, but you can also upload T4s, company notices, bulletins, training materials, and almost any other type of document.

  • Pay Statements - Pay statements include full payment information along with itemized deductions with both current and YTD values.
  • T4s, T4As, Releve1s - At year-end, you can store your related employees documents for easy reference and retrieval.
  • Company Bulletins - Store and share memos and work notices, company-wide holiday announcements, training materials, etc.

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Compatible with all document types

Use eNETInbox to share files of many different types with your employees. From standard text-based and word-processing documents to rich media.

All common file formats are supported, including Adobe (.pdf), Microsoft Office (.docx, xlsx, .pptx), Open Document Format (.odt, ods), audio (.mp3, .oga, .aac), video (.avi, .mp4, .mov, mpg), and many more.

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